Becker Farms: A Lifelong Commitment to Ag

Jan 26th, 2018

For nearly his entire life, Kyle Becker has been determined to run his own farm. When Kyle graduated from Purdue’s veterinarian program in 2007, Kyle and his wife Emily almost immediately began their 96-acre farm in north Henry County.  Since then, they’ve raised cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys on this farm, not to mention their 4 children.

“This is all I know how to do,” Kyle says of his enduring passion for agriculture. “I was involved with animals since I was born, on my family’s dairy, beef and grain farm. My own farm is just a continuation of what I’ve done since I was seven.”

And it shows. All Becker Farms animals are raised without the use of genetically modified feeds or growth hormones in a pasture-based environment.  As a licensed food animal veterinarian, Kyle puts in long hours almost daily tending to the health and well being of each and every one. He keeps his livestock so healthy, in fact, that he can even pinpoint the last time he needed to use an antibiotic on the farm.

“I treated a pink eye back in 2013, so it’s been nearly five years,” he says. “We believe in natural, healthful methods for our animals. If you take care of them properly and feed them what they’re supposed to have, you don’t tend to need antibiotics and that kind of stuff.”

For Kyle, though, it’s about more than just keeping animals healthy.  It’s about keeping communities healthy, which includes keeping family farms like his healthy, too.

“The agriculture economy is consolidating and integrating at a speed never experienced in the history of mankind,” he explains. “The consumer has two choices – you’re either going to eat whatever commodity product the big companies set in front of you, or you have to support local people to keep their farms going.”

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