Indiana's First Certified Organic, 100% Grass-Fed Dairy Farm Delivers

Sep 15th, 2017
Tucked away near the heart of Indiana, in a triangle of 3 interstates, hidden in the woods is a farm.  Traders Point Creamery is owned today by Fritz Kunz and Jane Kunz, and it’s been in their family for three generations, since long before those interstates were buzzing nearby.  It’s here that Indiana’s first modern-day organic, 100% grass-fed dairy farm sits.

Fritz & Jane believe in “nourishing the land that nourishes us all.” Since 2003, they have blended tradition and innovation to craft artisan dairy products in harmony with nature’s design.

From the earliest days, they had a vision for the future their grandparents’ land.  It began simply enough: cattle on grass.  But today the Kunz enterprise has grown to include a farmstead restaurant, dairy bar, farm tours, summer camps, exclusive event spaces, and relationships with partner farms.

Fame of the Trader’s Point Creamery products has spread far beyond Indiana’s borders, but their commitment to our local community remains the same.  That’s why we are so excited to be delivering their products to local Hoosier households like yours at

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