Meet the Bruno Family.

Feb 9th, 2018

If one word could describe Gary-based Organic Bread of Heaven bakery, and the way it conducts its business, it would be family.

Not only have Abigail Bruno and her family owned and operated the certified-organic bakery since 2014, but she considers the local community that they serve family as well.

“We’re very, very local,” says Abigail, who handles customer service. “We’re not really looking to build a big corporation. We just want to be able to support our family and help people around our area.”

Thirteen years ago the family launched their own organic food market, Bruno’s Organics, in Gary before relocating to Kentucky in 2011 to run their own organic farm. After a few years the Brunos felt a calling to return to their native Gary community, and as they’d always enjoyed using family recipes to make breads, pies and cookies for each other, a bakery seemed like a natural next step.

“We missed being able to help people through offering great food products, which is why we had first opened the organic store in the first place,” Abigail explains.

Those products now include breads that are certified organic and free of GMOs, preservatives, chemicals, nuts, soy or added gluten. It’s all part of the family’s mission to provide the cleanest, freshest products possible, and Abigail says the family never makes anything they wouldn’t be proud to eat at home themselves.

“There’s a big difference when you know the people who actually make your food,” she emphasizes. “The massive corporations that put out a lot of the breads in groceries are going to do whatever is most convenient for them. You just have to look at the labels on those breads – they’re putting in chemicals and other things that are going to help them produce on a large scale, and their focus isn’t on caring for the person who eats it.” 

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