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MaiRo & Co - Dog Treat Bakery

Doggie Cake Donuts - Peanut Butter - Dozen

Pet Food & Supplies:

One Dozen of our Doggie Cake Donuts. These donuts are just that DONUTS. Great snack your dog will love. Freeze donuts to make them hard, more chewing time. Freezing them will keep fresh for longer. Peanut Butter, using our home-crafted peanut butter and organic peanut flour. Donuts are 2 inches across and have crushed peanut baked into the top 1 dozen in a bag. USA / ohio / Hamilton County

Organic pastry flour, Organic peanut flour, Fresh eggs, coconut oil, canola oil, baking powder, cream of tarter and organic citric acid

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  • SWO-Tues
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