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Trial Box 1 pound bag

The Trial Box contains three of our treats: Blueberry Delights: Our original all natural, preservative free, filled with natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, soft baked treats with amazing health benefits. This treat has aided with the following: Hips & Joint Arthritis Minimizing ear infections Reduction of tear stains Skin and coat MUST BE KEPT REFRIGERATED Calming Treats: This all natural calming treat made with real food grade lavender is a great natural alternative to other anxiety reducing treatments for your dog. Also aids as a flea, tick and mosquito deterrent. Fresh Breath: Give your dog one of these all natural and preservative free breath treats at night and you will notice a difference the next morning. $10.00 per pound. Each pound consists of approximately 30-35 USA

Blueberry Delights Ingredients: Whole wheat flour Almond milk Vanilla Yogurt Blueberries Cinnamon Calming Treats: Ingredients: Peanut butter Flour Lavender (food grade) Chamomile Oats Honey Fresh Breath: Ingredients: Humus Water Flour Mint Parsley


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